So I’ve definitely run my body into the ground this past week with 2 back to back weeks of 6 and 8 day weeks. I got sick last weekend haven’t been able to get better because I haven’t had a day off.  I hope to be back in the land of the living/blogging within the next couple days. Thanks for bearing with me. ANYWAY.

While being sickly I queued up a somewhat outdated documentary from National Geographic about their staff photographers, appropriately called “National Geographic: The Photographers.”

While it doesn’t include the digital revolution, it covers lots of the photographers that I grew up looking at in their publications and photos that influenced the world. It was definitely inspiring and interesting to get a behind the scenes kind of look at the most famous photos and photographers.

These photographers did it old school, changing rolls of film in the middle of the jungle with an assistant blowing air at your camera so the swarm of flying insects wouldn’t get into the camera, chasing after lions on the Serengeti in the middle of the night in your Humvee with flood lights to get the shot, climbing up into a tree using only a rope toting SUITCASES of photographic equipment, getting home exhausted and having to sort through dozens of 35mm rolls of film…. it was old school but totally my style. If you get the chance I would definitely recommend watching it when you have some spare time or are sick like me.

I’d like to know: Are there any films and documentaries that inspire your artwork? If so, what are they?

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