taken by Brian Eyler

I know, I know…how morbid, she likes stuff revolving around death…but its not all about the death part, its about remembering them and raising awareness.  Ghostbikes.org is a website that I came across a couple years ago that serves as a directory to a rising trend in white painted memorial bikes stationed where cyclists have been killed on the road.

Maybe its just me, but there’s something artistic coming out of these tragedies and I don’t know about you, but I love this kind of stuff.  Yes, its extremely sad why its happening, but its raising awareness that more cyclists are dying on the road due to negligence behind the wheel (and cyclist overconfidence in some instances) than we may realize.  They can be found in cities all over the world, some are taken down some stay up.  Sacramento had one when a biker was killed on L street near the Downtown Plaza by a bus.  These roadside memorials serve as  reminder to share the road, and to always be careful when riding or driving.

Ghost Bike, taken by Barbara Monroe

Maybe I love these ghost bikes because they remind me of what I’m working on for my book project.  They are very similar in theory.  A memorial to a lost loved one on the road.