A lot of people don’t quite realize how bad the earthquake damage was in NZ, which their former prime minister who helped out with Haiti stated that the damage was of the same level. I decided to post some before and afters of the damage. The befores were taken by me and the afters I found on the NZ Herald website. Compare:

Cathedral Square
After, with 22 people still unaccounted for in the rubble

ANZ Bank Chambers


Canterbury Museum

I happened to take this because its where I work and I felt obligated...
this is the view from just past that corner, its part of the Cathedral Square
Lyttelton Timeball Station, one of 5 left in the WORLD
after, aerial view

outside the cathedral
outside the cathedral, after

If you would like to find out how you can help out, you can go here, NZ Herald has set up a long list of things they could use help with. My thoughts go out to all the lives lost, hopefully the quakes can end and they can begin to rebuild.