50 Things, Part 2…

Happy Monday everyone! In an effort to make my Monday a happy one and as part of my 50 Photography Related Things That Make Me Happy, here go the next 5 on the list:

6.  When you get back a roll of film and every shot is exactly what you had in mind when you shot it. The hardest part about photography is capturing the feeling you get at that moment, and when you do its a wonderful thing.

7.  Polarizing Filters. These things are a godsend, they basically allow you to see through things that normally reflect stuff, like water or glass, just by a simple turn of the filter on your camera.

(via todd mclellan)

8.  Since we’re on the topic of filters anyway- Red filters. I almost always use a Red filter when shooting black and white, it basically ups the contrast in your photos, which I am a huge fan of.

9.  Managing to blog for the whole week, which is what I did last week. I honestly didn’t plan on it, it just so happened I had a lot to say last week! But I loved it.

10.  Seeing your name printed in a publication. Best feeling of accomplishment ever…even if it is for something relatively small. who cares!

What are some things that make you happy? In general or artsyfartsy wise…

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