this bag has had 3 owners, spanning almost FOUR decades

I always see my fashion blogger friends do “whats in my bag” posts which look totally fun and I am a naturally nosy person so I love seeing into the lives of many, but my purse is really boring, and messy to boot so I thought I’d share a “whats in my Photo bag” post with you all. 

Just a warning, I used to have a lot more in my bag because I used to shoot with 2 cameras so my bags a little boring right now until I can find a new second camera. Also, I travel light, you may be surprised what you can do with very little, and I consider it an accomplishment if you can have really great photos without really fancy equipment. You’ve been warned.

I think I might be traveling too light

Whats in my Photo Bag:

  • the ORIGINAL camera manuals from 1981
  • a spare camera battery (for the light meter)
  • pens, cause you never know
  • my Canon AE-1
  • cable release
  • glass cleaner cloth, somehow I lost my lens papers
  • polarizing filter
  • red filter
  • lens cap which needs to be replaced because it refuses to cover the lens when I have a filter on (don’t know why I’ve waited so long)
  • tripod mount

Whats not in my Photo Bag: My tripod, grey card, my digital camera I use for videos, moleskine for jotting down notes, & my phone. Also you can see I’m fresh out of film today cause there was none in there! Ha.

This post made me realize how much I need to upgrade my photo arsenal. I honestly can’t believe I’ve gone THIS LONG without other lenses for that camera. I think I may have to treat myself to a B &  H shopping spree soon.