Tucked away behind the cute victorian houses lining Bodega Avenue through Petaluma is a massive gorgeous cemetery. It shares a lot with Petaluma Calvary Cemetery which is a lot newer than Cypress and less pretty, and can definitely be missed if you’re not looking for it. But of course, I always look for it. Little did I know on my second visit (the first one didn’t go too well), that there was a family of quails living on the lot!!!! I’m obsessed with quails the way most hipster chicks are obsessed with owls, and before owls finches. Yep, I went there. Anyway, these cute little guys were scurrying around and I actually managed to snap one before I scared it off by crunching some leaves. So fat! So cute!!!! I could die. And if I do, please bury me here at the cute quail infested cemetery known as Cypress Hill Memorial Park. :)

cute overload