when you’re actually T-ingGIF…

  • I love a good payday where I can actually afford all my bills, plus groceries, a gas tank, AND BOOZE. I mean classy adult beverages…okay who am I kidding? I’m gonna go stock up on a 4-pack of 10% off wine tonight.
  • One of my favorite photo bloggers recently reviewed the toy TLR Blackbird Blackbird Fly and has been posting her results and HOLY AMAZING, the craving for that piece of plastic jumped from “I need it” to “HOW CAN I STILL AFFORD WINE AND FOOD AND HAVE THIS CAMERA?”
(via istillshootfilm.org)
  • Crocker Arts Summer of Impressionism is finally coming to a close this month and I could not be happier. Call me close-minded but I’m not really a fan of impressionist art and lets be real, I’m still a little bitter they took down the Gottfried Helnwein exhibit before I could see it again!

    opening exhibit at Crocker Art (via hispano.helnwein.com)
  • Yay for trying new things, meeting new people, and being great at a job you love, even if it means a little pay for a lot of stress and hard work.

Anyone else glad its finally friday??

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