Sometimes its really easy to get lost in the every day clutter of our lives and someone recently pointed out that making a list of the good stuff in life helps to put things into perspective sometimes. So here are some wonderful things I’m looking forward to, am grateful for, & am excited about…

  • Seeing all of my classmates hard work tomorrow in our class portfolio presentations!
  • Payday! I goofed on my 401k contributions and have been broke all month because of it, now that its fixed I can’t wait to get paid! Pasta/Rice for dinner every night & staying in? Snore.
  • Looking forward to Sunday brunch with my best friend, our cousin, and her momma, and then spending a lovely mothers day with my mommydearest.
  • Finally getting my apartment officially unpacked (only took 8 months) and settled into, including art on the walls! yay!
  • Realizing I live in a skull-infested apartment and loving it!
I think its time to rename my apartment from International House of Playgirls, to Skull Mansion. lol any other ideas?
  • Finding a book I thought I had lost in my move and being excited to read it! (My Utmost to His Highest)
  • Not having to turn on the AC anymore when it hits 90 degrees. (Have I mentioned how much I love my apartment?)
  • Front row parking all week because I stopped eating fast food (if you move your car after 4pm you’re basically screwed in this neighborhood)
  • Saying Yes I deserve the best, and No I’m not willing to compromise my core values.
  • Finding my stash of postcards and deciding to hang them as art.
Joseph Fitzpatrick Was Our Teacher, 1991 – Raymond Saunders, hanging in the Crocker Art Museum, I have this as a postcard on my fridge. :)
  • Making new friends because of film photography….now if only they lived in Sac…
  • Mac N Cheese w/soymilk. Nuff said.
  • Writing inspirational notes to myself for summer goals.
  • Kicking ass & taking names.

What are you grateful for this week? Anything you’re looking forward to? Talk to me. What would be on your list??