a late mothers day post

me & momma Dee in napa

A few weeks ago my mom and I met up for a late dinner and were chatting about life and I told her that despite what I said or did as an angsty teenager, all the things I’ve done good and bad, and my own struggles in my adult life, I felt like she and my dad had done a great job raising my sister and I, and I told her I was grateful to have such good parents. My mom looked deeply moved and simply thanked me because she felt like she hadn’t done her best. It dawned on me that up until that talk I had never really acknowledged her or my dads struggle raising two high maintenance girls.

I just want to say to all the moms out there who have those days where they feel they aren’t “#1 mom”… Your kids adore you, and you are the number 1 in their hearts, no matter what. And if they don’t realize it now, they will one day.

Happy Mothers Day. <3

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