The Alamo

Unfortunately the only time we could visit was around noon which means shitty lighting. Sup, lens flare.
I love that the police guarding the Alamo wears a cowboy hat.
This sign is on the entrance, definitely sets the mood as a memorial site instead of a museum.
Backside of the Alamo, I was loving all the old details.
We were led into this dark cool room (a blessing in the Texas sun), and watched a short film about the Alamo and it totally gave me a sense of why Texans are so proud of this memorial site, it holds a lot of history and is a testament to American willpower.
A well under a beautiful tree in the courtyard.
Can you imagine the time and energy it took to load this thing?
I love that you can see the Post office in the background…

Overall I was really impressed with how well taken care of the Alamo was. It is really thought of as a memorial site instead of a historical site, and inside the Alamo it is treated as a sanctuary which I thought was so special. I’m definitely glad I got to visit and learn about some Texas history instead of the usual California history I’m used to learning here.

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