BBF: Bodega

A couple months ago I took one of my usual day trips to Bodega, toy camera in tow and as I was sitting on the beach eating lunch I just had to snap a couple pics. I really wish I was back here again. I love Bodega.

The Wonderful World of Wide-Angle

So remember how I mentioned earlier how I came into a whole set of lenses recently? Well Saturday I finally took out the new camera to shoot and chose to play with the super wide-angle lens first. I don't know how but until now I've only ever shot with 35mm-80mm lenses and currently the only... Continue Reading →

Long Overdue

I haven't really been around lately, half because I've been busy, the other half was obviously laziness. So here's a not-so-quick update! In the midst of the instagram drama with the facebook buyout,  I created an account for ironic purposes- clearly the message was missed by a few. More on that later, because its a... Continue Reading →

First day of summer, first day of 100

Today is the first day it'll be 100 degrees in Sacramento since last September, and where can you guess I wish I was instead today?? Right up there, Bodega Bay, doing what that guy is doing... takin' photos and cooling off. But where am I? Right here, in my 90 degree apartment (I wish I... Continue Reading →

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