A lot changes in a decade…

Before I actually lived in downtown Sacramento I would visit it and just explore as a teenager. Between classes or when I had a night off and nothing to do, I would roam the streets of downtown and just take it all in. Having been dragged off to suburbia as a child and raised in what... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday

Inspired by the latest twitter trends I figured I'd do a little flashback friday for myself. I stumbled upon a couple family pictures and wanted to share in the fun. That picture pretty much sums up me and my sisters relationship. I annoy her, and she reacts, haha. And in honor of my neice's 13th... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday, 2011 highlights

You've probably read a ton of these type of posts by now but I like lists and I like reflecting. What better way to do that than to highlight the best and most memorable moments of my year! Joining VOX, the very first artist collective I ever belonged to. my photo being in a 2011... Continue Reading →

inspiration comes from within

I have this board that I've had for a while now, some number of years, I've gradually added to it. It started out as something to remind me of who I am (I don't know why I thought I needed reminding, my personality is pretty strong lol) but has quickly turned into a board of... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday: lessons from drinking with the Navy

The summertime always reminds me of the summer I spent driving to Hantucky (Hanford, Ca) and back for hangouts/UFC nights with my "Sees" Krystal and her cousin and his Navy friends.  I learned many lessons like: Don't drink with the Navy. If you are stupid enough to engage them in drinking games, make sure you... Continue Reading →

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