A lot changes in a decade…

Before I actually lived in downtown Sacramento I would visit it and just explore as a teenager. Between classes or when I had a night off and nothing to do, I would roam the streets of downtown and just take it all in. Having been dragged off to suburbia as a child and raised in what... Continue Reading →

I wish they made maps for life.

Saying I've been in a rut would be putting what I've been in, lightly. Whatever it is that I've been in, it hasn't been fun and I'm not quite sure where I'm going now or how I'll get there- I'm lost. I'm learning very quickly that I'm just not good at some things. School. Balancing... Continue Reading →

Friday Postcard: I’m back ya’ll

SO... Texas was great, so great in fact that all of next week I am dedicating to Texas themed posts. Yay! I'd recap right now except I've been kind of busy since I got back and I'll be working all weekend and working out when I'm not working, so I'll see ya'll monday. And for... Continue Reading →

oh the places you’ll go

There are many beautiful spots within a day from here that I really want to shoot at, and I feel like I keep forgetting about them until the mood strikes, so for the sake of remembering I think I need to keep a running list of places I'd like visit in the near future (within... Continue Reading →

30 photos

So yesterday my good friend Liz posted this Storytelling in 30 Photos thing and I thought, hey this could be fun... In lieu of my Friday Postcard, I present to you my dirty 30, ok not dirty so much as that rhymed and I had to type it. Had to. Happy Friday everyone, here we... Continue Reading →

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