you can be whatever you want

I was raised in the culture of “you can be whatever you want when you grow up” — which seems to be the bane of every millennial’s existence. Until recently, I don’t think I fully understood that statement. Some take it to extremes and think that even if your IQ is 50, as long as... Continue Reading →

I wish they made maps for life.

Saying I've been in a rut would be putting what I've been in, lightly. Whatever it is that I've been in, it hasn't been fun and I'm not quite sure where I'm going now or how I'll get there- I'm lost. I'm learning very quickly that I'm just not good at some things. School. Balancing... Continue Reading →

Music Monday : Kito & Reija Lee

Like most people my age I rely heavily on pandora for entertainment, in fact the only time in the past 2 years I haven't listened exclusively to it is when the pandora mobile app lost its high quality for a round of updates. Well this gem of a duo recently popped up on my queue... Continue Reading →

Define Your Style

This week I began a portfolio development class at my local college to help me prepare my work for the application process to Art Center (and some back ups). Our first assignment is all about defining our style and how we would describe ourselves or our work. When it came time to sit down in... Continue Reading →

Year-End Tally

I'm a big list-maker, its the virgo in me I guess. Anyway like most virgos I have a running list of resolutions and at the end of each year I like to cross things off and see how I've stacked up, only recently (like the last 3 years or so) have I actually been able... Continue Reading →

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